Friday, October 2, 2015


We checked out Broadmoor for the first time last weekend. It was a great place to take a walk!

 photo 2015-09-27_broadmoor_003_zpsa6cjlhhd.jpg

 photo 2015-09-27_broadmoor_005_zpszknylcxd.jpg

 photo 2015-09-27_broadmoor_006_zps6e8vzvva.jpg

 photo 2015-09-27_broadmoor_008_zpsdooyfugh.jpg

 photo 2015-09-27_broadmoor_012_zpsh9wwic9q.jpg

 photo 2015-09-27_broadmoor_013_zpst2kcos5d.jpg

This frog was really tiny, about the size of a nickel!

 photo 2015-09-27_broadmoor_015_zpsbyi582h2.jpg

 photo 2015-09-27_broadmoor_016_zpsatu0zi3k.jpg

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