Thursday, June 9, 2016

beach field trip

The weather turned out great for the first grade beach field trip, too!

 photo 2016-06-08_1_wingaersheek_field_trip_006_zpsnykyjhq0.jpg

I figured out very quickly that it's harder to watch three 7-year-olds at the beach than a 7- and 9-year old! We figured out a system pretty quickly where they had to at least tell me when they were running off.

 photo 2016-06-08_1_wingaersheek_field_trip_010_zpsbgcjhgvl.jpg

 photo 2016-06-08_1_wingaersheek_field_trip_012_zps2sqmwslb.jpg

Malcolm and Rylee made a parachute!

 photo 2016-06-08_1_wingaersheek_field_trip_014_zpssho4sbhz.jpg

Then they were being windmills.

 photo 2016-06-08_1_wingaersheek_field_trip_018_zpsyhs2myjg.jpg

 photo 2016-06-08_1_wingaersheek_field_trip_021_zps5o6uezxz.jpg

The whole class! They've been together for two years.

 photo 2016-06-08_1_wingaersheek_field_trip_023_zpspzzo0kqq.jpg

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