Thursday, June 9, 2016

field day

I helped out at first grade's field day on Tuesday. The weather was great and the kids had a blast!

 photo 2016-06-07_1_first_grade_field_day_001_zpsgjasfqsb.jpg

 photo 2016-06-07_1_first_grade_field_day_002_zpsmhvzieyl.jpg

 photo 2016-06-07_1_first_grade_field_day_004_zpsniff09nz.jpg

My station involved watching kids bounce back and forth. It was pretty great!

 photo 2016-06-07_1_first_grade_field_day_009_zps19magkep.jpg

Malcolm had dumped water on his head!

 photo 2016-06-07_1_first_grade_field_day_011_zpsyxar91vd.jpg

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