Thursday, June 9, 2016

revolutionary field trip

I chaperoned while Jane's class visited the Concord Museum and Old North Bridge to learn all about the start of the Revolutionary War. I had a great group of five girls!

 photo 2016-06-09_concord_field_trip_001_zpsarph0j3f.jpg

They got to punch a candle design into a piece of tin.

 photo 2016-06-09_concord_field_trip_005_zpsk9hjafhb.jpg

Learning about the start of the battle:

 photo 2016-06-09_concord_field_trip_009_zpsxuat1rul.jpg

 photo 2016-06-09_concord_field_trip_010_zpskwujkkof.jpg

Legendary Minuteman!

 photo 2016-06-09_concord_field_trip_012_zps7yl8djlu.jpg

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