Sunday, June 8, 2014


Today we went to the aquarium. It was a nice day! The kids loved the touch tank.

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_002_zps4bf2e427.jpg

Malcolm and I posed in front of the fur seal sculpture.

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_007_zps307917d1.jpg

Jane loves polar bears!

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_010_zps9bf320f8.jpg

The kids loved the shark and ray touch tank, too!

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_017_zpsfde9cbe4.jpg

We watched the fur seals do some funny things and eat fish.

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_019_zps3b9749c2.jpg

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_020_zpsfb300bc8.jpg

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_022_zps985f8cba.jpg

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_027_zps1bdd2472.jpg

We had a really nice time. I wondered if it wasn't crowded because it was such a nice day out.

 photo 2014-06-08_2_aquarium_028_zps1a66c033.jpg

Afterwards we went out to eat and walked around the harbor.

 photo 2014-06-08_3_boston_harbor_001_zps5518334e.jpg

 photo 2014-06-08_3_boston_harbor_002_zps1d0c5257.jpg

 photo 2014-06-08_3_boston_harbor_006_zps93f9dcbb.jpg

 photo 2014-06-08_3_boston_harbor_007_zpse03eac05.jpg

Posing on the dolphins before we went home!

 photo 2014-06-08_3_boston_harbor_009_zps7cbd9347.jpg

 photo 2014-06-08_3_boston_harbor_010_zpsd604efc8.jpg

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Leigh said...

The dolphin looks like it's kissing Nate's cheek! Did you do that on purpose?