Friday, June 27, 2014

day at the zoo

We had a fun time at the zoo with our friends. It was pretty muggy but the kids still had a good time.

 photo 2014-06-26_1_roger_williams_zoo_001_zpsf4e657de.jpg

Malcolm and Nate were figuring out where to go on the map. I think they really just wanted to play on the playground the whole time.

 photo 2014-06-26_1_roger_williams_zoo_002_zps0e82632b.jpg

Jane and Lily loved the seals!

 photo 2014-06-26_1_roger_williams_zoo_006_zps27d10033.jpg

I thought the sloth actually moved pretty quickly.

 photo 2014-06-26_1_roger_williams_zoo_008_zpscd4bfb7b.jpg

 photo 2014-06-26_1_roger_williams_zoo_012_zpsa1438923.jpg

 photo 2014-06-26_1_roger_williams_zoo_013_zps4bb2246b.jpg

 photo 2014-06-26_1_roger_williams_zoo_017_zps0740e3a4.jpg

 photo 2014-06-26_1_roger_williams_zoo_018_zps8ee91b51.jpg

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