Friday, October 10, 2014

Nana's visit

Nana visited on the Friday before the big birthday week to see the kids play soccer and celebrate with us. Malcolm got a new fleece that he loves!

 photo 2014-10-03_1_opening_nana_presents_001_zps36313561.jpg

Jane got some American Girl accessories.

 photo 2014-10-03_1_opening_nana_presents_002_zps37c65711.jpg

Malcolm got a bean bag chair. Before we put the cover on the bean bag, he put it on himself like a sleeping bag!

 photo 2014-10-03_1_opening_nana_presents_003_zps7335f5f9.jpg

Jane got a new doll!

 photo 2014-10-03_1_opening_nana_presents_004_zpsd6b20493.jpg

Malcolm decided to run and jump on his bean bag instead of relaxing on it!

 photo 2014-10-03_1_opening_nana_presents_005_zpsd6b5a629.jpg

There was a mix-up about the doll so we went to the store to exchange it for the one Jane wanted. She chose a doll with straight hair, like hers, and we got the doll's ears pierced! The doll also got a stuffed cat. Jane later named her Anna. Afterwards we had dinner and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory, so it was a fun outing!

 photo 2014-10-03_2_american_girl_store_001_zps59a24515.jpg

I didn't take any photos of the soccer games because it was drizzling the whole time, but the kids were happy Nana came to watch!

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