Friday, May 1, 2015

little league opening day

Last weekend we were in the parade for opening day!

 photo 2015-04-26_avll_opening_day_002_zps7a2hiait.jpg

 photo 2015-04-26_avll_opening_day_004_zpsxjgypjk9.jpg

 photo 2015-04-26_avll_opening_day_005_zpsgluhojcb.jpg

Keegan and Jane.

 photo 2015-04-26_avll_opening_day_006_zpsvougq2y3.jpg

This is sort of what her photo will look like this year. I couldn't get a group shot of the team because I was in it!

 photo 2015-04-26_avll_opening_day_008_zpsvtkcyiji.jpg

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