Sunday, May 10, 2015


Westie has been enjoying spring. Here she is resting on a pile of hand-me-down clothes we got the other day.

 photo 2015-05-02_westie_clothes_001_zps9db6xbtf.jpg

She sat inside the kids' perler bead bin!

 photo 2015-05-08_1_westie_bin_001_zps6pajr7iv.jpg

She likes to go out on the porch.

 photo 2015-05-10_1_mothers_day_gifts_002_zps8fkdunqw.jpg

I even let her explore the deck for a few minutes.

 photo 2015-05-06_1_westie_deck_001_zpsgorcwp88.jpg

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Leigh said...

Such a sweet kitty xo.