Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Canobie Lake Park 2014

Once again we got to go to Canobie with cheap tickets from Daddy's work. One bonus was that I got to skip the expensive rides at the Bolton Fair since I knew we were coming here the next day!

Jane got to drive her own car! She loved it.

 photo 2014-08-09_canobie_lake_park_005_zpsb39feb66.jpg

She took her job very seriously.

 photo 2014-08-09_canobie_lake_park_006_zpsb721c486.jpg

Malcolm drove one, too!

 photo 2014-08-09_canobie_lake_park_007_zps772f018d.jpg

We met up with Coach Bob from our softball team who also happens to work at the same company. Jane went on some bigger kid rides with his daughter Anne while I took Malcolm to the bumper cars.

 photo 2014-08-09_canobie_lake_park_010_zps9785085a.jpg

Jane, Anne, Nate and Bob liked the swings! It's funny that my 7-year-old is braver than me - I won't go on those!

 photo 2014-08-09_canobie_lake_park_011_zps1026a214.jpg

Anne's brother James joined the kids on the jungle bouce. Malcolm loved it this time. I remember him being scared last year!

 photo 2014-08-09_canobie_lake_park_014_zps2a2b6d6b.jpg

Before we left, the kids went on this little canoe ride with no paddling!

 photo 2014-08-09_canobie_lake_park_017_zpsd76c01c3.jpg

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Leigh said...

You guys have really had a fun-filled August!