Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Bedford

The Whaling Museum had free admission last Friday so we headed to New Bedford to meet our friends Ilana, Tyler, Lily and Nate!

 photo 2014-08-22_1_whaling_museum_001_zps79e96f95.jpg

There were a few crafts for the kids to do.

 photo 2014-08-22_1_whaling_museum_002_zpsc79b424d.jpg

Malcolm wore his whale shirt the day before because he was confused about which museum he was going to!

 photo 2014-08-22_1_whaling_museum_003_zpsa5ea6813.jpg

The kids loved this small replica whaling ship.

 photo 2014-08-22_1_whaling_museum_006_zps273d64f3.jpg

 photo 2014-08-22_1_whaling_museum_007_zpsbdb59eb4.jpg

There was a great view from the balcony.

 photo 2014-08-22_1_whaling_museum_009_zps5b899ba1.jpg

They were interested in the whale skeletons.

 photo 2014-08-22_1_whaling_museum_012_zps073edf33.jpg

We went to a burrito place for lunch and Lily and Jane had their own table.

 photo 2014-08-22_2_no_problemo_001_zps3116cc99.jpg

After lunch we went to the fire museum. The kids had so much fun!

 photo 2014-08-22_3_new_bedford_fire_museum_002_zps4d03fe74.jpg

 photo 2014-08-22_3_new_bedford_fire_museum_005_zps4d0bf71f.jpg

They slid down the pole many, many times!

 photo 2014-08-22_3_new_bedford_fire_museum_006_zps63b9cf18.jpg

 photo 2014-08-22_3_new_bedford_fire_museum_010_zps30c9c4d7.jpg

 photo 2014-08-22_3_new_bedford_fire_museum_011_zpsb84b9cd2.jpg

The part that's missing from the photos is the extremely loud sound of kids ringing bells on the old fire engines. I wished I had brought earplugs!

 photo 2014-08-22_3_new_bedford_fire_museum_013_zps7f0e11d6.jpg

They were thrilled when they realized they could try on the coats and boots.

 photo 2014-08-22_3_new_bedford_fire_museum_015_zpsc0f7334a.jpg

 photo 2014-08-22_3_new_bedford_fire_museum_016_zpsdf48e0a1.jpg

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